Deeper Than Work-Life Balance

I had seen this quote before I was a mom and now that I am one I can fully comprehend it: “I don’t just have a 9-5 job, I have a ‘when I open my eyes to when I close my eyes kind of job” and this pretty much sums up being a working mom. In today’s digital world, even outside of working for a Digital Marketing Agency, work can stretch out around the clock because of this ALL the talk on all the blogs is centered around work-life balance. To me, this concept of work-life balance goes beyond balancing the 9-5 job duties with home life. It also encompasses balancing home life while also carving out time to keep oneself healthy. Here in America, there is a lot of mom guilt surrounding both working and non-working moms. Through the digital landscape of social media, our worlds are widely broadcasted and we tend to quickly judge others. I’ve found that no matter what, if I’m not physically and mentally taking care of myself then I am absolutely not able to do my job to its fullest, take care of my children or be an active participant with my husband to build and nurture the family structure we want to instill in our home.

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Working moms who are also fully engaged with their young children’s development are also faced with finding time to develop a healthy work-life balance. The silver lining of having our work at our fingertips all the time through our mobile devices is that we are able to be flexible with when and how we get the jobs done. As responsible adults we are able to manage our time when needed to keep work flows moving. Here at TWIO Brand, we are a small crew of young professionals who are building families and are working extremely hard as we are held to high expectations. Although we fortunately are able to avoid the old school practices of corporate work life structures by working at TWIO, most of our clients are corporate clients, so we always maintain professional and high standards for communication and production output. With this we are able to have somewhat flexible work hours, meaning a lot of evenings we find ourselves checking back in to work and working once our children goes to bed. The important part of this is taking time once we leave the office to disconnect from work and focus on our families without cell phones interrupting this precious time. Babies and children are constantly absorbing their surrounding and they see if their parents are focused on them or their cell phones.


The second piece to my perception of work-life balance is finding time to take care of oneself. In the broader picture this not only benefits me, it more importantly benefits my husband and family as well as my work output. Staying active while pregnant or being a mom is important for mental health and is proven to increase productivity. Since I am 8 months pregnant while writing this blog, it is all about Risk Management. As humans we know our limits and our abilities and continuing life as normal while pregnant with regards to exercising is very important for the babies development. This particular pregnancy I’ve decided to continue skiing as usual, just slower and with body guards (aka my husband and posse of skiing buddies). The endorphins that are released are so good for me and the baby and it is empowering to be able to continue getting fresh mountain air and exercise each week.


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The above photo shows my husband and I skiing with our 16 month old at Deer Valley while 8 months pregnant. We are active outdoor people committed to instilling this lifestyle and respect for the outdoors into our children’s lives. Our family motto is, “We will guide you, but Nature will teach you.” Below is a group of women and families we ski with every weekend at Alta Ski Area … many in this photo are of working moms who share the same work-life balancing act and who are committed to providing an active family lifestyle for our children. One person in this photo is another TWIO Brand Employee, Vanessa Pierce with her son Everett who is being held by a current TWIO Brand client, Claire Smallwood, Executive Director of the non-profit SheJumps. SheJumps exists to bring women and young girls into the outdoors. We all live here in the Wasatch because it provides and promote outdoor families the ability to have a thriving professional career while also having a thriving active lifestyle in the mountains.


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