Interning at TWIO Brand


Hi! My name is Lucy. I’m currently an intern here at TWIO Brand and want to share a little bit of my experience of how I got here and what it’s like at TWIO.


I felt like there were an endless amount of options for me to choose from when I started seeking out internship opportunities a few months ago, primarily because of my area of study. I am currently in my last undergraduate semester and will be graduating in May with a degree in Psychology.


As my college career moved along, I started to realize how diverse of a field psychology is. I decided to focus on social psychology. I am really interested in people, specifically how they interact with each other, and I have found how applicable that is in so many jobs today. With the booming digital industry and me being my millennial self, I thought that getting a feel for digital marketing was the perfect path for me. It combines social psychology, business, and creativity.


I reached out to TWIO a few months before my final semester started. After doing some research, I quickly discovered that I liked what TWIO was about. I liked the way the company communicated their values, along with their process for how they function internally. I was also drawn to the culture of TWIO as I am an avid snowboarder and wanted to be involved with a company that also shared a love for the outdoors. TWIO showed interest in hiring interns that were willing to work hard and be open to learning new things, which was exactly what I wanted to do. Not to mention the plethora of clients and the display of past work they have available on their website.


TWIO’s small, personable staff has offered me the chance to work on different projects in different areas. From creating social media pages for business to helping build professional websites, I have had just the experience I was looking for and more. Everything I have done at TWIO so far has been a completely new learning experience, and I feel extremely comfortable and supported in the environment I am in.


It has been so nice to enter a new field and be surrounded by people who genuinely want to teach you and see you thrive. I am so excited for future projects and the knowledge I will gain while being with TWIO. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone, no matter what area of study or history of work you have, to take a chance and reach out to the industry you have interest in.


Written by Lucy Hegemann