As a life-long Washington Capitals fan, you learn how to suffer. Usually, it is at the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins or New York Rangers. Before this year’s series, the Caps were 1 – 9 versus the Penguins in the Playoffs. That’s not good. In fact, it sucks.

Good news is that this year is different. The Caps finally beat the Penguins in the 2nd round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. To boot, we are now up 2 – 0 versus the Tampa Bay Lightning. The series is far from over, but persistence seems to be paying off.

There are lessons to be learned from the Caps that apply to our business. You will not always succeed in spite of trying your hardest. Sometimes things just go the other way. Maybe someone did not like your work. Maybe the business climate changed. Or maybe you just didn’t cut it.

But what can you do? Quit and mope? While you can feel sorry for yourself for a few, make that a short-term thing. Your next step should be to get back to work and keep trying.

Eventually, the puck that hit the post and bounced in all of a sudden clangs off iron to keep you alive.

Growing as a professional in business isn’t the perfect hockey stick of upward success like they write about in the business books. It is a series of fits and starts. Failures and more screw ups. But as long as you keep persisting, keep trying, you’ll win.

And if not, there’s always next year. Go Caps.

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