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Detailed Discussion of Services

Brand Character
TWIO Brand’s powerful Brand Character process is invaluable for developing a focused, integrated brand management program. Brand Character enables us to articulate your value proposition across all stakeholder groups through a powerful combination of both visual and verbal identity. Most important, Brand Character integrates all marketing efforts by providing a clearer focus and more precise vision — leading to improved communications with all your audiences.

Visual Identity

Is an identity a “logo?” Sure, but that only scratches the surface. In reality, corporate identity is the outward, verbal and visual articulation of the relationships, promises, products, culture, history, successes, access points, and everything else that makes your organization unique and successful. Identity consists of a wordmark, symbol, color palette, typography – all the building blocks that comprise a visual shorthand for a company’s brand. TWIO Brand’s process of identity development and design is as sophisticated, complex and unique as the organizations for which they are designed.

Marketing Communications

Once we’ve helped our client establish visual and verbal identity–the foundation for brand strategy–we go to work to build the tools necessary for communication. We fuse strategy and planning, words and pictures, and media to create effective, powerful communications programs. Properly conceived and designed, these marketing tools give structure and voice to the strategy, and can be traditional and interactive, digital and analog, print and electronic. The most effective communications programs are the ones that integrate all the above.

Website Development

Success in digital marketing is less about visually arresting websites, and more about targeting—and engaging—diverse audiences efficiently and cost-effectively. Interactivity offers unique tools to drive these forms of relationship building.

The emphasis must be on integrating an organization’s activities and ability to deliver value with the individual needs of each stakeholder, internal or external. That means you not only must have a firm grasp on technology and its power, but you must also know how to articulate and communicate your brand’s inherent value through what you do and what you say. Only then will you be able to create online strategies that will build business and brand in lock-step. In order to increase stakeholder value, a web presence must achieve one or all of five objectives:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Generate Growth
  • Improve Internal Performance
  • Support a Uniquely Competitive Position

TWIO Brand’s process for building and managing websites is thorough, organized, and driven by a disciplined and practical philosophy. Just as the brand philosophy upon which it is based, every website we build is designed–first and foremost–to serve the business and strategies. From there it’s mostly about process: formulating a design document that lays out a logical site architecture, applying a compelling and aesthetic graphic skin, crafting a user interface that promotes intuitive engagement, populating content that is authentic and economical and, finally, programming a site so it just works. And behind it all, a continuous, finely honed strategy for ensuring that the site ranks as high as possible among all primary search engines for quality and relevance.

Digital Marketing

Understanding consumer intent and content relevance is everything. Today’s app-driven, mobile, and personalized search experience means consumers can see through bullshit, have no patience for it, and have all the tools to avoid it. TWIO Brand creates successful digital brands that speak to user experiences based on what is known about them—where they came from, what they were looking for, and the content that speaks to them. Building widespread online brand recognition begins with placing your brand in the right place at the right time. Do you know where and when your customers are looking for you right now? We can tell you.

Search Engine Marketing

As you consider your potential online customers, you need to keep three things in mind: Awareness – Intent – Consideration

Is your brand being delivered to the right person at the moment that person has a need, question or intent, online? This question is pivotal to every online brand in today’s 24/7 connected, global-mobile environment. The next evolution of search–the one in which we’re most engaged–is the process of creating brand awareness, understanding user intent, and to ensuring your brand is considered as a competitive leader. TWIO Brand offers over a decade of search experience that leverages various technologies to continuously optimize performance and profitability. We don’t believe in set it and forget it. For us, data drives behavior. So we test, measure, and adjust to drive profitability.

Content Marketing

Content is the key ingredient in digital marketing. It is a very real money driver, and it takes thorough planning, project management and commitment. The buying decision is predicated on your ability to deliver the right language and the right look, at the right time. When you have only a few seconds to capitalize on customer intent, your words and your identity mean everything. TWIO Brand’s content marketing begins with a comprehensive brand strategy analysis and articulation. This brand foundation is then segmented to influence the buyer’s intent, differentiate you competitively and allow you to maximize brand awareness. With an arsenal of quality, shareable content on hand, your brand will win. TWIO Brand offers services in Content Marketing and content development, or we can work with content that you are generating internally.

Social Media

Can social media be monetized? Can it be measured? Let’s answer the question with another question: What is the value of creating personal, meaningful connections with consumers? Social media presents an opportunity for all brands to sell themselves one-on-one, lead conversations, and influence opinions and intent. This type of direct interaction is unprecedented, and it continues to evolve as social media communication becomes a part of everyday life. Attention spans are shrinking, but that doesn’t mean your marketing reach should suffer. TWIO Brand works with you to build far-reaching, sustainable social media campaigns that keep you connected, in touch, and in tune with your market. And, yes. It can be monetized and measured using powerful monitoring and data analytics tools.