The Triangle of Truth

In a fast-paced agency environment, clients are always wanting something, and they seem to want things fast, cheap and good. Here is the reality that clients need to accept: It is referred to as the “triangle of truth.” The triangle is made up of fast, cheap, and good, but you can only ever have two of the elements.


You can create something fast and good, but it will not be cheap.

You can create something fast and cheap, but it will not be that good.

You can create something good and cheap, but you will not get it fast.


This theory doesn’t just apply to creative deliverables, but all services that agencies offer whether that be brand, content, social, etc. Clients tend to think there is an “easy” button that churns out top-notch work. This button does not exist. Process is what delivers great work through research, exploration and refinement. It is ultimately up to the client to decide what they value most in a product: fast, cheap or good; remember you only get two!


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